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 My name is Ms. Melissa Higueria. I teach 3rd grade at Rosedale North Elementary School for the Rosedale District in Bakersfield, California. I am currently living in Delano, California with my dog, and several cats.  I like to go to the beach, read, watch movies, and hang out with family and friends. If you need to contact me concerning something that is going on in the classroom or about your child call 661-588-6040 or email me at Have a wonderful day!!!



 This week's story: Nights of the Pufflings

Spelling Words: pear   bare   fair   share   buy   could   flair  farewell  hair   care   pair   chair   bear   where   scare   air

Vocabulary Words: ashore: on or to the shore (from the water)

burrows: holes or tunnels small animals use as underground nests

instinctively: acting on an inner feeling; done without thinking

launching: sending up in the air

stranded: in a helpless or difficult position

uninhabited: having no people living there

venture: to set out to do something even though it might be dangerous